Multibagger stock: For three years in a row, Kernex Microsystems produced returns of over 100%.

Multibagger stock : So friends In the stock market field, it can be difficult to generate consistent returns because daily changes in share prices might occur. A small number of stocks, meanwhile, have succeeded in providing consistent returns to their owners over a protracted period of time.

These equities continue to rise steadily and with reduced volatility despite market turbulence, economic downturns, and industry changes. One such stock that has proven its durability and consistency in the financial markets is Kernex Microsystems.

Over the previous four years, the company’s shares have demonstrated a consistent growth pattern, rising from about ₹20.25 apiece to the present value of ₹629 apiece, generating an astounding 3006% return.

The stock has amazingly returned more than 100% in three of the last four years. It increased by 345% in CY21 and then by 126% in CY22. Furthermore, it ended the most recent CY23 with a gain of 105%.

In terms of the present year, it has increased by 10.19% thus far. The stock hit an all-time high of ₹718 per share on February 1.

In addition to providing software services, Kernex Microsystems manufactures and sells safety systems and anti-collision devices for railroads.

According to its website, the business began researching railway safety systems in 1999 and was able to construct and display an ACD prototype to members of the Railway Safety Board as well as Konkan Railway Corporation Limited.

“Kavach was adopted as a national automatic train protection (ATP) system in July 2020, and it has so far been deployed on 1,465 route kilometres and 139 locomotives (including electric multiple unit rakes) on the South-Central Railway,” stated the minister.

The Kavach system provides increased safety and prevents accidents for trains by serving as a buffer or armor.

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